Lessons In Year 8

Lessons in Year 8
by Scott Lew, on his 41st birthday, 9/24/09 

Not being able to walk is no big deal.  That’s just getting started.      

When your fingers and hands stop working, your arms are still useful.  When you can no longer use your arms, they become your dog’s favorite pillow. 

Not being able to eat is worse than not being able to use your arms and legs, but not being able to speak is worse than not being able to eat.  You get shut-in.  Trapped. 

That’s the scariest part of the whole damn thing.  Your mind feels like your entire body. 

When you can’t breathe anymore, you can’t laugh.  But people will still enjoy hearing you snort through your ventilator and understand that it’s laughter.

You do a lot with just your neck and shoulders – nod, use a computer, dance a modified robot dance, wink at toddlers, and much more…

And losing strength in your neck and shoulders will give you nightmares. 

More than ever, you will appreciate the People Who Love You.

That feels so incredible, you will forget you have ALS.  For hours…


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