by Scott Lew 7/5/11

Jackson’s a slugger
We met during an ALS fundraiser
 a baseball tournament
He was on the same team
 as my nephew Dillon

The event made me feel incredible
A couple hundred 8 year-old boys
 and their families
 playing a long weekend tournament
 to raise money and awareness
 for this tragic and rare illness

I had a special place of honor
 as the afflicted
 and Uncle
 of Dillon
 who made me so proud
 by winning the contest
 to raise the most money
 for the cause

I even showed up to the games
 in my Lou Gehrig #4 jersey
My wife Ann would sit me forward
 in my wheelchair
 so all the little guys could see
Lou Gehrig
 stitched on my back

Jackson won the home run contest
That kid can hit
The award was a top shelf
 brand new
 baseball bat
After the ceremony
Jackson’s dad walked him over to me
 to show me his prize and shake my hand

“You’re shaking hands with Greatness.”
Jackson’s dad told him
I was flattered
 by the excessive praise
But glad to be a part of this
 father and son bonding moment
I felt a sudden wave of emotion
 a realization
 that every cliché
 about sports building character
 in young people
 is true

So I was mortified
 absolutely leveled
 to hear
Jackson’s mom
 was recently diagnosed
 with ALS
Her speech is already slurred
 and she has trouble walking

I think back to that tournament
 all the awareness raised
 the cruel pitcher on the mound
And take a glimmer of hope
 that Jackson could knock those curveballs
 out of the park

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One response to “CRUELTY

  1. Joy Berks

    what is there to say? your poem says it all.

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