Power of Observation

Roman & Rocky using their Powers of Observation


By Scott Lew 7/3/12

It’s hard to describe
No muscles
The tomb
Of your own body
Longing to reach out
In some sensible way
When friends talk to you
Because they know
You’re in there
That’s the hardest part
Not being able to react
Life happens
But I’m at the bottom
Of a well
Sending up the occasional

 I still have sight and sound
Touch when someone
Touches me
Smell and taste
Are rare pleasures
Yet surprisingly
Just being present
And observing
Is enough
To have
A rambunctious
Experience with
The Universe




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4 responses to “Power of Observation

  1. Joy Berks

    Thank you Scott. YOU are an inspiration!!!

  2. Brenda Hinerman

    It’s so wonderful to read your ‘scribblings’ as you say. I miss you, old friend! I’m sending you much love and peace along the molecular highway.
    Brenda Hinerman

  3. Jodi Shachter

    Hi Scott – You very brave and how you keep going after one thing after another. I can relate to your bravery because my Mom lost her six month battle to Pancreatic Cancer a little over a year ago. It is good to read that you have Ann and your kids to keep you spirits up. I am glad to hear that. Keep you head up!!!

    Jodi Shachter

  4. Jamie

    As always, love to hear your voice! We all took the ice bucket challenge and dedicated to you! Glad to see that ALS is on everyone’s mind these days.
    Sending all of our love,
    Jamie Thompson and Fam

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