I Was A Mummy For Halloween


Rocky, Roman and Me as Mummy



Rocky, Roman and Me as Mummy

By Scott Lew 11-12-13

I was a Mummy for Halloween
First thing in the morning
I gave my kids a scream
Rocky said I was cool
Which made my heart drool
I was a ghoul who was cool
Said my son, he approved
Roman said I was so scary
I’d frighten trick-or-treaters 
They’d all run away
Back to homes
They thought would be safe  
But in my wheelchair
I’d crash through doors
And scare them some more
That was Roman’s way
Of saying I looked great

Halloween looms large
My kids favorite, by far
And it made me feel glee  
To be
Part of their memory
On that spooky holiday  
Most alive
As the undead
Both my boys said
I filled them with dread
Daddy was scary and cool 



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5 responses to “I Was A Mummy For Halloween

  1. Damon & Charles

    You ARE a cool dad Scott! Wish we would have been in town to see Rocky and Roman’s costumes and special guest star “The Mummy”. Thanks for not encouraging them to egg the neighbor’s house!
    Damon & Charles

  2. Kristine

    Love the picture. The boys are so big.

  3. Steve Winkelman

    Nice one Scott. Heard Mungo Jerry on the radio last week and thought of you. Still have that LP?

  4. Steve Winkelman

    Nu? What’s your Purim costume?

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