Happy 75th Birthday, Dad


Happy 75th Birthday, Dad

The greatest gift
 a Dad
Could give his son
 who has ALS
Is to teach him
 how to use
 his mind
Because when
 every muscle fails
 the mind
 is all that remains

You taught me
 by example
I was amazed
 at a very young age
 just how much
 you knew
Seemingly everything
 about everything  
From politics
 to plumbing
From photography
 to electricity
From fine woodworking  
 to the financial
 of corporations
You not only had
 a love for music
You built your own
 top of the line
 by hand
 to maximize
 your listening
No other Dads did that
 and I noticed
 and tried to
 emulate you
 and cultivate my own

So to the guy 
 who is 
 the most curious
 whose hobbies
 are endless
 whose favorite thing
 is talking with someone
 who knows more
 about a subject
 he’s interested in
 than he does
To my Dad
 who likes to tell
 long stories
 which always have
 surprise endings
 and are full of
To my Dad
 who’s beautiful mind
 inspired me
 and gave me
 the mental strength
 that saved
 my life
Infinite cheers
Happy75th Birthday
I love you


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9 responses to “Happy 75th Birthday, Dad

  1. Fred Glassman

    Great Stuff!

  2. Michael Lew

    To my wonderful son
    with his beautiful mind
    Who would have thought
    we would both be alive
    when I’m 75
    We have so much to love
    with our wives, friends and children
    So with tears in my eyes
    and joy overflowing
    I just want to say
    Let us both seize the day
    All my love

  3. Daniel Lew

    Beautiful writing. So very true. Everything that you mentioned is so wonderfully true. That is beauty. I love you brother and father lots of love. Scott, the night before last I had a dream about you. I dreamed that we were in some type of dark theater. Your computer screen was illuminating you. I watched you with great focus and attention as I sat down the row in the theater. I saw you moving your finger and slight movements in your head that helped you turn the page of text in a book. You were actually using your index finger to flip page by page and you were using your head to read the text and then look up that your computer screen. It seemed like heavy weightlifting but you made it look easy the way your head moved slightly around to see parts of the screen and down at your book. I didn’t realize at the time I was dreaming. And here I saw what seems so real that you were looking at the screen and moving around a little bit. And I look at you and I was in such a dream that somehow you were truly able to move. And then you turned to me sitting next to you and looked at me. I said it’s great Scott that you have become extraordinary and adept at using the devices available to you to communicate with us. And that it was very hard work. I saw in-your-face that warmth and sparkle in your eye that embraced with pleasure the thoughts and truth of this skill.

  4. Happy Birthday!
    I wish you all the best
    I miss all of you

  5. Phil Kantz

    What a beautiful tribute to your Dad! Keep up the writing!

    Much Love!

    Sandi and Phil

  6. Damon Romine

    What beautiful sentiments from son to father and back again. Happy birthday Michael!

    Scott’s neighbors Damon & Charles

  7. Anne

    What a beautiful tribute to your dad!

  8. Wow! I just found this blog while looking for a link to your documentary! How beautiful Scott!! If my son has a fraction of your love and respect for your father I will feel like one lucky lady. But feeling these thing and being able to put them so eloquently is a whole different story. See you later and Ollie’s bike is packed and ready to rumble! XO

  9. To bring out such raw and poignant words speaks volumes not just about your father’s love and support, but to his magnanimous character as a human being – heart-binding tribute
    AnnMarie 🙂

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