Me, Enjoying the Ride

Me, Enjoying the Ride

I wore this body out
Past walking
I wore this body out
Beyond being able to
Move my
Arms hands fingers
Legs feet toes
Shoulders neck head
I wore this body out
Can’t laugh
Can’t smile
Almost no ability to show emotion
Except cry
A strange substitute
For laughter
I wore this body out
Exceeding my expiration date
Of five years
By eight
Thirteen years of muscles melting
I wore this body out
Lost my sense of smell
When I got trached
Lost my vision
When my eyelids stopped cooperating
The left won’t close
The right won’t stay open
I’m slack jawed
And drooling
Like a harmless zombie
I wore this body out
Until my tires had no more tread
Or rubber
Or even tires
I wore this body out
And had great fun doing it
Got to make some movies
Inspire some folks
Feel immense love
And joy
And loss
Got to see my boys
Grow from babies
To people
With hilarious adorable minds
I wore this body out
And there will be
No crawling from the wreckage
Only enjoying
The ride


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10 responses to “THIS BODY

  1. Michael Lew

    Beautifully said,

    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Beautiful, Scott. Miss you. We all love you very much. Our best to Anne, Rocky and Roman.

  3. Alan and Karen Hoffman

    Very moving and from the heart . Love

  4. Laura Erens Tatham

    I remember looking up to you and Dan as a little girl. The neighbor boys across the street. You have continued to be an inspiration to me throughout your life…and throughout mine. I know I haven’t seen you in many many years, but you have never been forgotten. My husband knows you. My children know you. You have taught us all so much about what it means to “live”. Your perseverance is unmatched by any I’ve ever seen. You are such a special man. Please know that just because we may seem like we are in the background, we are not. We are are right up front rooting for you. Always have been. Always will. With love, Laura Erens (Tatham)

    • Michael Lew

      Hi Laura,
      So nice to hear from you and thanks for your kind words to Scott. It has been many years since you and your brother moved to greater Atlanta to raise your own families, but we still remember you guys growing up across the street. Hope all is going well with you and your family. Fondly, Michael Lew

  5. Joy Berks

    Each time I read your blog I get another lesson in living life to the fullest and living it from moment to moment. You are a top notch role model.

  6. Daniel Lew


    Your Mind is still sharp and clear as ever. Seeing more and more details. During our conversations, I can see in your eyes, the quick comprehension, after I say only a few words.

    Last Friday, during our Face Time phone call, I saw your eyes smile and sparkle in reaction to specific points. Quite the display of neural dynamics brother. A moving, inspiring, and strong presence both in body and spirit. Something special about you shines like a great athlete or performer with a finely tuned automatic skill.

    Even though your muscles have melted, your mind has expanded. The energy connected with your muscles was not destroyed only transferred for action in other synaptic space.

    A blind man learned to surf using sound. As though, his potential energy for processing visual stimuli re-routed to heighten to power of his auditory senses.

    For thirteen years, you have been body surfing in an ocean of Brain Waves. Harmonic Oscillations changing with the complex frequency of high and low tides. Bursting, Spiking, Synching. Breaking points and rough tides naturally stir up fear, but like a great athlete in the zone, you continue to find equilibrium. Enjoying riding the tide. Being at peace with it. Finding a balance and sending out positive vibes.

    Love, your brother,

  7. Scott, you don’t know me but your words are so powerful. My brother is in year three of this horrifying ride we call ALS. He can no longer talk, move, etc. I sit and talk with him and hope it is not more frustrating than enjoyable to not be able to talk back to me. Thank you for your beautiful words; they are strangely soothing while also being painfully truthful and hard to read sometimes.

  8. Matt W.

    This is beautiful, Scott. Thank you for sharing it. Write on. Ride on.

  9. Deanna starks

    Scott!!! It’s Deanna, one of your old caregivers. I lost all my contact info and can’t find your email.. I hope you write more poems soon, think about you often, miss you, and hope you’re still kicking ass. Xoxo

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