Roman, Rocky, and me

This picture of Roman and Rocky smiling with their dead dog skeleton toy in front of me inspired this poem. Don’t they look adorable?


I die
A few billion years later
The Sun dies
And taking all of humanity
Remaining in the Solar System
With it
A few trillion years later
The Universe
The Big Crunch
Possibly creating
A new Big Bang
And with it
A new Universe and possibly
A new me
I won’t know
I’ll be gone
Like the Universe
Just being able
To imagine
Makes me feel
In death
To every living


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12 responses to “Connections

  1. Steve Arbetman

    We are just a small pixel on a cosmic screen. But each of us plays our part of the story. Great poem.

  2. As a father, I dread the day I leave my son. Thank you for writing a poem that reminds me how connected everything is.

    I also wanted to let you know that this is the 4th year I have had all of my students blogging on and every year I use your short movie to inspire my students. To let them hear and see how important our words can be. Thank you for sharing your life with others.

  3. Lee Kantz

    Yes, you have adorable sons! Stay poetic, cuz. You’re still bringing light to a lot of people in this universe. 🙂


  4. Daniel Lew


    After you leave it will feel like a black hole. Your life filled with love and kindness will continue to shine the way through the darkness.

    Scott, I played you pictures and videos from my trip to Griffith Observatory with Rocky and Roman. In one movie, we are outside, climbing up the stairs to the rooftop telescope entrance. The moving camera helped you feel like you were there with us, walking up the stairs behind your boys.

    Rocky and Roman asked me to explain an exhibit that showed how astronomers measure the distance to the stars. I said there is a math formula and brightness is also used when stars are really far away.

    At the end of the day, I said to Roman and Rocky, the universe is so huge, giant, so incredibly big. Compared to the universe, we may feel so small. We are like a tiny grain of sand out of all the sand at the beach. But no matter how small we are, we can do meaningful and great things that have a huge impact on the world and other people. Funny, the boys seemed to physically grow larger while thinking over this idea. I reminded them that they are made of really good stuff, like their Dad and Mom.

    I am lucky to have had the chance to hear your voice through your writing. It helps me to understand the unimaginable experience of being in your shoes. Unthinkable. Your courage and strength.

    I am going to miss you. You will always be a part of our universe and live on in your sons and in part of me.

    Love Always,
    Your brother-


  5. anthony

    hey scott,

    I saw Bickford Schmeckler’s Cool Ideas a few years ago on TV and it stuck with me. I was at a bad place in my life and I watched that movie one night, then recorded it on my DVR and watched it every night that summer.

    I think you should feel good considering that things you’ve made have helped people in many ways.

  6. Jane

    I can’t believe someone else imagines the possibility of it – us – happening again. But I imagine this may not be our first universe or last and we may already have been here, and may be back. As Sagan said, “we are made of star-stuff.”

  7. Jeanne Ebiri

    I am suddenly thinking of you this weekend and how thankful I am to have known you. Errol, raised without religion in our multicultural family, as a toddler when his friend’s dog died he told me very matter of fact, he went to “the icy north.” An ancient blood memory of Valhalla from his bit of Norwegian DNA? I will show him the photo of you with Rocky and Roman and tell him how he and they share film names and will meet someday. And he will admire their dog skeleton. Love to you all from us.

  8. Nancy Sterling

    Hi Scott: I di

  9. Alisa Damaso

    Scott, this reminded me of Isaac Asimov’s short story, “The Last Question”! Beautiful.
    Love and miss you, BFF.

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