Uncle Dan


Rocky, Uncle Dan, and Roman

My biggest fear
Is not being here
For my kids
As I am now
I often feel like
A place holder
For a dad
But because of you
Uncle Dan
My kids know so much about me
It’s like I have conversations
With them
Through you
Since I lost my ability to talk
Only a few months
After they were born
Yet thanks to you
They know I like
Magic and tikis
Planets and museums
Art and bad puns
The list is vast
And deep
It’s a tremendous comfort
To know
If I’m not around
You will be here
For them
For me
When they came back from visiting you
In Chicago
Last time
They both said
Uncle Dan looks like daddy
And I thought
Outside and in
You give me
Peace of mind
All a brother
Could ever


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6 responses to “Uncle Dan

  1. Lee Kantz

    choking up just a bit.

  2. Arby737

    So true, so true…..


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  3. Arby737


    I read all your writings. You see so much more than most….

    Your cuz, Steve

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  4. So touching. ❤️ I think of you and your family often. You are not a placeholder, but I understand that you must feel that way. I remember you like it was yesterday even though it has been many years. Much love always, Mr. Lew. Very cute kids.

  5. Scott,

    I consider myself to be the luckiest man on earth. To be an Uncle to your amazing sons, to be your brother and to have you for a brother. The most wonderful brother. I will be there for you and your sons, always.

    From the beginning, it was important for the boys to know and be able to remember their Dad. We are lucky that you have been with us for so long. They will always know that their father was a very special man of unimaginable courage.

    By sharing with them your interests, I felt it may bring out their best qualities. They will find their inner strength to keep on moving forward in the face of great personal challenges. All they need already exists inside of them because you are their father. They are proud of you, their Dad.

    When people see your boys, they think of you. Your truth lives on in them. Unbound by physical limitations. You are and will always be there with us in all the experiences we share. I know that you will be smiling wherever you may be. I can still see when you smile. It’s in your eyes.

    Love Always,
    Your brother,


  6. Susie Emery

    Love Love Love “Uncle Dan”

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