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Lew’s Cthulu: The Mind Bomb

About five years ago, I wrote this, my best unsold feature film script, The Mind Bomb. It’s a dark, funny, horror story about the ultimate frustration of screenwriting. Kind of like the movie Ed Wood, but terrifying. It’s also a work of fan fiction of the horror master H.P. Lovecraft.

So, if you have an hour to kill and want to laugh and be unspeakably disturbed, you can download a PDF of the script here:

The Mind Bomb

Beware! Words once read, can’t be stricken from the mind!




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Beautiful Letter From Sam


The following letter was written by my niece, Samantha. It was a school assignment to write about someone with whom they would like to have dinner. Most of the students chose presidents or pop stars, but my niece chose me. I was surprised, honored and the letter brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Samantha.





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