Sometimes tragedy can open your eyes to joy.  It all depends on your attitude and ability to be optimistic.  Don’t give up. 

These poems and collections of thoughts are about that spirit. 


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  1. Nora

    Hi Scott,
    I just read the 1st two poems on your blog, and I have to say they’re really great. It’s impossible for any of us to imagine what you have been going through, and these pieces are honest & optimistic & devastating to read. I think about you a lot and wonder what it’s like, but the WASP in me would never know how to broach the subject and the Irish part of me does not easily deal with anything too emotional! Your writing is a great gift that you share with everyone who reads this blog. xo

  2. Georgia

    So beautiful and you are ever so amazing.

  3. Scott,
    Thank you thank you thank you. Your poems are amazing little vignettes of living with ALS. Absolutely inspiring… and scary. Excellent preparation and insight for my future. Please keep writing. It does my spirit a lot of good to see someone else still LIVING with this shit 10 years down the line. Of course, I have every intention of being the longest surviving ALS patient ever. I’m going to give you and Stephen Hawking a run for your money.
    ~ Sarah

  4. Hey Scott!
    I’m having a wallow-in-bed day and decided to watch Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas. Turns out there’s nothing like a terrifically funny film about orgasmic literature to brighten a really crappy day! But I just have to ask… how does a Jewish guy not spell Bickford’s last name “Schmeckler?” It’s bothered me for ages now, so please relieve my mental anguish if you have the time and inclination! Thanks! 😀
    ~ Sarah

    • Sarah,

      Hope Bickford cheered you up at least for 80 minutes! You are right! I purposely took out the C to make the title seem more unusual. Glad you watched it again. That makes me happy! Fight on. Scott

  5. Scott,
    Congratulations! I was thrilled to find “Sexy Evil Genius” on VOD, and got to watch it all TWICE from my uncomfortable hospital bed. It was BRILLIANT!! I’m so proud for you! “Jujitsuing Reality” was excellent as well. Your boys are darling. I’m so encouraged to see that you are remaining vigilant and productive in your craft. I seem to be a wandering waif these days, lacking direction in what I aim to do with the time I have left, and seeing you working was a much needed kick in the pants. Thank you so much for persevering and continuing to share your sexy creative genius! ;D
    ~ Sarah
    (PS feel free to email me sometime if you like… my username above @yahoo.com)

  6. Suhweet! I found a new inspiration – always looking for these because I find so much negativity from fellow patients who also have this diagnosis. I have chosen to extend life via feeding tube, and when the time comes, a vent. The feedback I get in my support group isn’t very encouraging. I just shake my head because I just don’t understand why one would not want to get the most out of this precious life. It’s great to see you embracing life and it’s great to see that some ALS patients focus on what they can do rather than what they can’t do. I shall live life to its fullest!!! I still won’t pull your finger, though – unless you pull mine first!


  7. Hanna Greene

    I stop by sometimes. I love your thoughts – streams of consciousness. I watched Bickford a few years ago. You’re awesome.

  8. Dear Scott:
    Just want to say–as briefly and breathlessly as possible–that I greatly admire your work, love your poetry, and find your combination of courage and humor a model I try to emulate (but fall short of too often). Finally, a question–and my apologies if this is not an appropriate place to ask–I am a playwright/screenwriter, interested in adapting your lovely film SEXY EVIL GENIUS for the stage. I think it would work wonderfully, would provide a jillion actors the opportunity to play the delicious characters you created, and would be–with a cast of 5-6 (if you count the bartender/server) and a single set–easy to produce all over. Do you find such a project interesting? If so–and this is a distinct possibility–are there others who have already taken up this project (in which case I will graciously bow out)? And/or is there someone else (your agent/manager) to whom I should speak about this idea? Or finally, is the whole idea actually an impossibility, or just something you either cannot or do not wish to discuss further? Please know that–irrespective of your response (or no response)–I continue to admire your great work and wish you all the best. ~Respectfully, Derek Davidson, Appalachian State University

    • Derek,

      Thank you for the kudos. I would be interested in seeing Sexy Evil Genius adapted for the stage, but I’m not sure how it would work legally. The rights to the movie are held by Lionsgate and Sobini Films. Glad you are a fan!



  9. Dear Scott: Thank you so much for your prompt reply, and for your gracious response. I’ll, well…I’ll look into it further and of course keep you apprised should I learn anything substantive. Again–my thanks and continued praise for your work! All my best, Derek Davidson

  10. Karn

    Hi, Scott,

    My husband has ALS and is on a trache and feeding tube. He is paralyzed. We were at the ALS event when you were honored. We loaned your wife something you needed. May I ask you what computer set up you have? My husband is very computer literate and is using a Tobii. Unfortunately it is really only good for communicating, not computer work i.e. Word. My husband is a business attorney.
    ~ Karn

  11. Scott, you helped myself and Hank Nelken years ago in Hollywood; thanks again for that. I’ve read your blog and am impressed with your strength. Please keep writing. Greg DePaul

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