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My Leading Ladies, Olivia Wilde and Katee Sackhoff, take the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Olivia Wilde, star of Bickford Shmeckler’s Cool Ideas, takes the Ice Bucket Challenge with breastmilk! Yowza!

Katee Sackhoff, star of Sexy Evil Genius, takes the Ice Bucket Challenge Bob Dylan style!



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Sexy Evil Reality

Not a poem this time, but a movie!

If you’d like to see the award winning short documentary about my process writing the movie, “Sexy Evil Genius” check out “Jujitsu-ing Reality” here:


If you’d like to see the movie “Sexy Evil Genius”, you can rent it on Netflix, watch it on VOD, and rent or buy it at iTunes and Amazon.

Hope you enjoy them both!

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Sexy Evil Haircuts

This isn’t a poem
Just a little sweet victory
A movie I wrote
Sexy Evil Genius
Just wrapped
One more in the can!
And a few days later
My boys had their first haircuts
An insanely adorable milestone
What a banner week in beating back ALS!

Katee Sackhoff, Billy Baldwin, me, Michelle Trachtenberg, Seth Green and Harold Perrineau

Roman's first haircut

Rocky's first haircut on Ann's lap


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