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Uncle Dan


Rocky, Uncle Dan, and Roman

My biggest fear
Is not being here
For my kids
As I am now
I often feel like
A place holder
For a dad
But because of you
Uncle Dan
My kids know so much about me
It’s like I have conversations
With them
Through you
Since I lost my ability to talk
Only a few months
After they were born
Yet thanks to you
They know I like
Magic and tikis
Planets and museums
Art and bad puns
The list is vast
And deep
It’s a tremendous comfort
To know
If I’m not around
You will be here
For them
For me
When they came back from visiting you
In Chicago
Last time
They both said
Uncle Dan looks like daddy
And I thought
Outside and in
You give me
Peace of mind
All a brother
Could ever


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Our Munchkins, on Mother’s Day

As a salute to you, my love

I am posting my favorite video of the boys

I can’t believe this was 6 years ago

You are an incredible Mom

And given my state of being

A darn good Dad, too!

Happy Mother’s Day, Crab Leg!

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