Doorway to the Dark


Rocky and Roman, 18 months old, standing at the doorway 

I remember
Their tushies
And the rolls of baby fat
On the back of their eighteen month old thighs
Rocky and Roman
Stood naked
In the doorway
To our back yard
Pointing at the night sky
Dark, Mommy, dark?
Ann just told them about
And even though
They had seen it
Many times before
This was the moment
Their new brains
Put a name
To that marvelous phenomenon
Dark, Mommy, dark!
Yes, yes, yes!
I sat motionless
Taking mechanical breaths
In awe
Blessed to
Be witness
To their discovery
I wanted to jump up
Hug them
And tell them about
The moon and stars
I silently cried
My boys
Had discovered
The darkness
Ann asked if I was emotional
But I couldn’t explain


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5 responses to “Doorway to the Dark

  1. Ann Straub

    “Dark, mommy, dark”. That is deep. Says so much about their young lives. Thanks, Scott for sharing again with me. Annabel

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  2. They know you love them. Someday they’ll read these poems and know it even more.

  3. Beautiful. Love you bro.
    You and your sons shine
    Light through the doorway.

  4. Scott, I’m in awe at how your compelling simplicity elicits such raw emotion. Thank you.

  5. Claire

    You’ve enjoyed some real brilliance the universe offers in those precious moments watching your children, never mind the stars.

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